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Welcome to Mosquito Joe of the Bluegrass, Lexington

If you live in Lexington, Kentucky then you know that mosquitoes, ticks and fleas here are nothing to joke about! These pesky outdoor pests have a tendency of ruining our fun outside and they also expose us to insect-borne illnesses like Zika, West Nile Virus and Lyme disease. Lucky for you, Mosquito Joe of the Bluegrass, Lexington has you covered throughout areas like Paris, Nicholasville, Georgetown, Richmond and more offering a variety of services so you and your family can enjoy the outdoors once again. If you’re looking to keep your yard swat-free all season long, check out one of our outdoor mosquito control services such as barrier treatments, special event sprays or our natural treatments that uses essential oils like rosemary and peppermint. We’ve dealt with a wide array of outdoor spaces and know exactly what to look for, making sure to not only eliminate the mosquitoes, ticks and fleas you already have, but to also identify and remove any places that they could breed or live.

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Mosquito, Tick & Flea Repelling Services in Lexington, KY

Mosquito Joe provides mosquito control solutions for residential and commercial properties. Our technicians visit your property to deliver convenient and effective mosquito control treatments to rid your yard of mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas. Check out a few of our most popular services:

  • Mosquito Barrier Sprays: Our trained technicians apply a mosquito barrier treatment to your yard in Waddy, KY that eliminates those biting pests for weeks!
  • Natural Repelling Treatments: Natural outdoor pest control solutions are top of mind these days and Mosquito Joe of the Bluegrass, Lexington can put your mind at ease with our treatments made from essential oils.
  • Tick Control: Don’t let mosquitoes, ticks, or fleas ruin the day of your special outside event! Mosquito Joe of the Bluegrass, Lexington is here to help whether you’re having an outdoor wedding, a backyard BBQ, or gathering to celebrate a birthday party outdoors.
  • Perimeter Pest: Mosquito Joe of the Bluegrass, Lexington technicians will spray around the outside of your home including doors, windows, and other areas of the entrance. Keep spiders, cockroaches, ants and centipedes at bay in Waddy, KY.
Interested in learning more? Give us a call at 859-568-5800, submit a quote request or email us at today!

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Areas Served

Mosquito Joe of the Bluegrass, Lexington serves residential and commercial customers in the following areas:

Call us today at 859-568-5800 if you would like to verify if we cover your area.


Dependable, reasonably priced and excellent communication.

Anthony Apro

Thank goodness the mosquitos are gone for the next several months, but Mosquito Joe of Lexington kept them away before the colder weather started! George was my applicator & I loved that he sent a text to let me know he was coming & was always couteous! I can't wait for the Spring - & for Mosquito Joe to keep the mosquitos away so I can enjoy being outside again! Thank you George and Mosquito Joe of Lexington!

Frieda Cyrus

It is great to enjoy being outdoors during the warm weather without fear of being “eaten alive” by mosquitoes. We are particularly grateful to George Carpenter who is always so professional, polite and responsive to our requests. We have recommended Mosquito Joe to our friends and neighbors.

Bemedji Asher

George was very friendly and professional. We have used Mosquito Joe for 2 years and have been very satisfied with the company. Thanks for helping us enjoy our back yard!

Adam Marshall

I have used multiple companies in the past. I can tell that they are doing alot more, and it's making a difference

Jason Von Schlutter

George is professional and we love the service.

Beth Summay

George has been doing a great job of keeping us mosquito free this season.

Harvey Willis

We have loved the results so far! George has done a great job!

Kayla Lokits

George was very responsive when I needed to adjust my treatment times and did a great job on site.

Thesubtleyogi KTK

Mosquito Joe of the Bluegrass in Lexington has saved the rest of the season in being able to enjoy sitting outside without being bitten by mosquitoes! I love that the technician texts you the day that they are coming. Thank you George ( my technician twice) & Mosquito Joe of the Bluegrass!!

Frieda Cyrus